VAT Rule Analysis Assistant - EU

Using data from various European VAT authorities, this embedding provides insights on European VAT rules, helping businesses understand and comply with VAT regulations across different countries.

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Updated July 2023

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Example output

Can you provide me with the VAT rules applicable to a software company selling B2B in France, Germany and Spain?

Yes, I have found the VAT rules applicable to your situation. Here are some highlights:

1. France: "Standard VAT rate of 20% applies to most goods and services. B2B services are generally taxed at the place where the customer is established."
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2. Germany: "The standard VAT rate is 19%. B2B services are usually taxed where the recipient is established."
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3. Spain: "The general VAT rate is 21%. For B2B services, the VAT is usually paid where the recipient is based."
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European VAT Rule Analysis Assistant

How is the VAT rule data indexed and embeddings created?

How do we keep the data updated?

Our system maintains connections with various European VAT authorities to ensure access to the latest VAT rule updates. We regularly monitor changes and updates in VAT regulations and collect the revised documents or guidelines. The new data is processed, indexed, and embeddings are generated, ensuring that our AI embeddings reflect the most up-to-date VAT rule information.

How to use

Python Code

You can access the VAT rule embeddings using the embedelite Python package or by making a CURL request.

# This returns a list of embeddings
from embedelite import load_embedding

embeddings = load_embedding("vat-rules-eu")

# This returns an object that can be directly inserted into the database
result = load_embedding("vat-rules-eu", embed_for="qdrant")
# The result is {"embeddings": [], "documents": [], "ids": []}



curl -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
  "doc_id": "vat-rules-eu"


  "mappings": {
    "properties": {
      "doc_source": { "type": "keyword" },
      "sentence": { "type": "text" },
      "embeddings": { "type": "dense_vector", "dims": 1536, "index": false },
      "doc_source": { "type": "keyword" }

Data credit to various European VAT authorities, without which this embedding wouldn’t be possible.