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Our AI embeddings are based on highly valuable data and are perfect for enhancing AI applications.

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Our embeddings are created from premium datasets, ensuring high value and effectiveness.

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We offer a carefully curated selection of embeddings, tailored to various industries and applications.

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Our embeddings cover a wide range of use cases, from healthcare, legal to finance, and beyond.

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Our embeddings are easily integrated with OpenAI Gpt-4, simplifying the process of building AI applications.

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Explore our curated selection of premium AI embeddings.


Financial Market Trend Analysis - USA


Utilizing data from major U.S. financial indices, including the S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, and more, this AI embedding provides in-depth analysis and potential predictions for financial market trends.


Fund Financial Compliance Procedures - Germany


Utilizing data from German Commercial Code, Investment Code, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bafin), Expert Commentary and Best-Practise Cases


Legal Case Recommender - USA


Using data from the United States Reports, the official reporter of the Supreme Court of the United States, this AI embedding identifies cases with similar legal arguments, facts, or outcomes. It aids legal research and strategy formulation by recommending pertinent cases.


Legal Issue Identifier - USA


Leveraging data from a vast collection of court decisions from across U.S. jurisdictions, this AI tool identifies the main legal issues covered in a specific case. It offers a quick, comprehensive understanding of the legal complexities involved in each case.


USPTO Patent Analysis Assistant - USA

Intellectual Property

Using data from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), this AI embedding identifies patterns, trends, and key insights in patent data, enhancing patent analysis and strategy formulation.


Legal Precedent Finder - USA


Built using a comprehensive corpus of case law from various U.S. legal databases, this embedding employs AI to uncover key precedents related to a specific area of law. It reduces research time and aids in understanding how courts have ruled in similar situations.


VAT Rule Analysis Assistant - EU


Using data from various European VAT authorities, this embedding provides insights on European VAT rules, helping businesses understand and comply with VAT regulations across different countries.

Tools Selection

Explore Featured Tools

Explore our curated selection of premium AI tools for CoPilots, Autonomous agents and more. Reliable tools to solve most of the common limitation of LLMs based systems


Reranking Tool


This AI tool utilizes sophisticated algorithms to rerank and optimize the sequence of various elements for a given query and constrains like date, topics, etc., enhancing system efficiency and user experience.


Hallucination guardrail


Our Hallucination Guardrail AI tool provides an effective solution for checking and managing potential hallucinations in machine learning systems, greatly enhancing system logicality and accuracy.


Semantic Search


Semantic Search AI tool goes beyond keyword-based search and understands the user's intent and the contextual meaning of terms to generate more relevant results with higher accuracy than old search methods.


Advanced Semantic Search


The Advanced Semantic Search AI tool improves upon the standard Semantic Search AI, offering even more precise and contextually accurate results to optimize user experience as well as more granurality and control over the algorithms.


Hybrid Search


Hybrid Search AI tool combines the power of traditional and semantic search machinery to deliver the most comprehensive and relevant search results.

AI Embeddings

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Explore our comprehensive library of pre-trained AI embeddings, built on high-quality, premium datasets that span multiple industries and use-cases. Boost your text classification, recommendation systems and other AI solutions with up-to-date information.

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Milano, IT


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Maya Rosselini

12 minutes ago

Purchased the Financial Market Trend Analysis embedding. Excellent quality, really enhanced our AI capabilities!


Dr. Glenn Heartman

8 minutes ago

Just listed a new AI embedding created from healthcare data. Can't wait to see the community's response!


Maya Rosselini

6 minutes ago

Sold my first AI embedding today. The process was seamless, and I earned a fair price. Highly recommend this marketplace!

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